Ice Cube Mold

Fill container up with water and insert the silicone mold into it. Wipe off any excess water. We recommend using warm filtered water. Place in your freezer standing upright for 0-36 hours for the best results.

You can either purchase the mold that makes 2 pieces at a time, or one that makes 4 pieces of ice at a time.

The container with silicone mold must go into the freezer for 30-36 hours to product ice.

About 7-8 inches high and about 4 inches deep. The Ice dimensions itself is about 2.4 inches

1 year warranty

The Silicone mold is dishwasher safe but we recommend handwashing the container itself. Underneath the shell container is a foam layer to help insulate the ice that is not safe for the dishwasher.

Thanks to the outer layer on the container it is extremely durable. The silicone molds themselves are also very durable.

Yes we have a recipe section on our website that contains various whiskey cocktails that you can make from home!

Yes of course, we have provided a large storage bag so that you can store and continue to make more ice at whatever pace you wish. The storage bag can hold about 8-10 pieces.

The ice will take 30-36 hours to make for the best quality.

The water needs to cool at a slow rate to ensure the best quality. It freezes from the bottom up. The ice needs to be removed before making your next batch. We recommend using hot water to melt it.

Yes the mold is made of silicone and BPA-free. You can add garnishes or fruits into the ice with no worries.

Not at the moment but this is something that we are working on having available in the next few months.

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If there is any sort of delivery mishap for your order we will be sure to make things right and that you receive another product if needed.

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